Management systems

The management systems in the companies what they want is to facilitate items specific to the company, i mean, if estanos talking about a CRM is that we are talking about a vital point and with this i refer to the importance that each client if, on the contrary talking about a SARH systems of directors of human resources vast to know that we refer to another very important point for each company, as are its employees, the point is that a company always going to genrerar unit, either in services or areas of there that on many occasions what is being sought is to integrate in one way or another form these areas to generate a nucleo organizational Work that generate better results, basically this is the task that meets a ERP to hile in occasions the ERP covering a consolidation complete coupling all systems of the emplesas, so it is very common view ERP and CRM integrated to generate better results and provide them as if fuecen one tool.



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